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More than three weeks into the pandemic-driven cascade of cancelations, closings and social distancing, U.S. workplaces are experiencing unprecedented disruption — and it’s measurable.

Here’s what has changed in a stunningly short period of time (comparing Gallup Panel surveys conducted March 13-16 vs. March 27-29):

  • The percentage of full-time employees who say COVID-19 has disrupted their life “a great deal” or “a fair amount” has jumped from 58% to 81%.
  • 40% of U.S. employees say their employer has frozen hiring, and 33% say their employer has reduced hours or shifts because of COVID-19 — up from 33% and 27%, respectively.
  • The percentage of full-time employees working from home because of COVID-19 closures has increased from 33% to 61%.
  • The percentage of parents working full time who have kept their kids home from school because of COVID-19 has increased from less than half (44%) to everyone (100%).

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