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Editor’s note: Six in 10 line managers think they do not get enough help from their organisation to support the mental wellbeing of their staff and 80% of UK workers said they would not discuss mental ill-health with their manager because they were worried they would be judged as incapable. These research findings make the case for helping managers support mental ill health in their teams.

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Editor’s note: The CIPD has teamed up with mental health charity Mind to create this guide to mental health. It is full of practical advice, definitions and useful contacts.

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Editor’s note: As a part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, the Mental Health Foundation carried out research to understand how many people are affected by stress. This report lifts the lid on the research and looks at how people can better manage stress.


Editor’s note: A range of articles and blog posts on mental health curated by Sukh Pabial. Fascinating to see how this HR and Twitter-powered initiative moved from Twitter to a face to face event.