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Curated Cover of Degreed State of Skills Report 2021
8 minutes

Editor’s note: Research from Degreed shows workers’ feelings about their own skills and how they have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The findings show just how important skills have become over the past few months.

4 minutes

Editor’s note: Scientists across a range of disciplines have been studying the science of fake news. This article draws on the research and looks at how fake news affects our behaviours.

Curated Black Lives Matter Peaceful Protest in Hoboken, New Jersey
5 minutes

Editor’s note: This research of organisational approaches to diversity and inclusion explores whether employers’ current focus on D&I is a momentary thing or something bigger – a movement for change.

Curated Artwork of people working remotely.
15 minutes

Editor’s note: Just because many of is have been working in virtual teams these past few months doesn’t mean we are good at it. This report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development looks at what the research has to say about the best ways to run virtual teams.

Curated Hands typing on computer keyboard
2 minutes

Editor’s note: A survey of 958 company directors shows that three-quarters would be keeping increased home-working after the Covid-19 pandemic and more than half intended to cut the use of workplaces in the future. This is yet more evidence of the way work is changing and will continue to change.

Curated Car dashboard
3 minutes

Editor’s note: The Learning and Performance Institute has put together a dashboard of all the data it collects across its networks. Here the institute shares the top five challenges of L&D leaders. Learning culture is the top priority. You can also find out the strongest and weakest skills across the profession.

Curated Pressure gauge
10 minutes

Editor’s note: The Open University has just launched it’s annual Business Barometer research into the UK skills landscape. The report shows the – in some cases catastrophic – impact of the pandemic on skills development in organisations. The paradox here is that many organisations are looking to reduce headcount to save money whilst at the same time looking to fill skills gaps.

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