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Curated State of Teamwork report cover
7 minutes

Editor’s note: This research of 2,065 managers and non-managers (half in the US and half in the UK and Ireland) looked at what makes for successful teamwork. Interacting more frequently seems to have a negative impact on project success. There are lots of other useful insights here.

Curated Illustratiion of hands being held together
5 minutes

Editor’s note: Psychologists are trying to identify a science of teamwork. This piece looks at what we know so far as well as further areas for exploration. Don’t forget your ABCs of teamwork: the attitudes, behaviors and cognitive states that collectively influence whether a team achieves its goals!

Curated Hand drawn earth
3 minutes

Editor’s note: Google surveyed 5,000 employees to better understand the impact of distributed work.
The survey measured well-being, performance, and connectedness and provided recommendations on how to ensure that those things remain consistent, even if your team is spread out across the world. The research was carried out pre Covid-19 but there are useful insights here.

Curated Person sitting on a bench head in hands
2 minutes

Editor’s note: Longitudinal research into the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on mental health shows that, despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, millions of British adults continue to struggle with their mental health. This is a critical consideration as employees start to return to work.

Curated hands on laptop keyboard
2 minutes (plus report)

Editor’s note: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has produced a report on the impact of technology on the employee experience. Now that technology is playing an even greater part in working life it is important to consider its impact on well-being, job quality and engagement. This report shares research findings on these factors.

Curated Cover of human capital trends report 2020
30 minutes

Editor’s note: Deloitte’s annual human capital research continues the theme of the social organisation, something it highlighted in its 2018 report. This year’s research identifies some interesting trends – ones that might not have been in your agenda in 2019. Lots to think about here.

Curated Knitted pink heart on a wooden background
5 minutes

Editor’s note: Kindness is the theme of this week’s Mental Health Awareness Week. As a part of its support for the week, the Mental Health Foundation carried out research of more than 4,000 adults in the UK to get their thoughts on kindness and its impact on them.

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