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Curated School children in classroom at lesson
1 minute plus report

Editor’s note: Researchers at the Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology have just published their latest Innovating Pedagogy report. This annual report, now in its ninth year, looks at emerging innovations in learning and teaching. Although focused on the education space, the report is useful for learning about innovations that could have an impact on learning at work.

Curated Slide from the WEF jobs report showing the employment rates for women of different types of jobs
10 minutes

Editor’s note: This report from the World Economic Forum shows that automation and digital acceleration will significantly change the types of skills required by employers. To safeguard jobs, employers will need to act quickly to understand what gets automated and what needs human input. The report shares the types of skills that are likely to be in demand in the coming months and years.

Curated The Fosway 9-Grid graph for learning systems
10 minutes

Editor’s note: Learning and HR analyst Fosway has produced its latest insights into learning systems. This is interesting to see which vendor is positioned where on the grid. The commentary that sits alongside the grid id also extremely useful as it provides an analysis of current learning technology trends.

Curated Old telephone isolated on white background
4 minutes

Editor’s note: So much of what L&D teams do crosses over into marketing so hot makes sense to be up to speed with the trends that marketing teams are looking to embrace. Interestingly, this list isn’t too dissimilar to the trends we see in L&D.

Curated Rachel Botsman on stage at the CIPD conference 2018
3 minutes

Editor’s note: Rachel Botsman gave one of the keynotes as this week’s CIPD conference. Her topic was trust and how trust is changing with technological change. Here, Botsman shares the theories and thinking that underpins her work. These include sharing economies, collaboration, reputation and trust.

Curated Future cityscape
20 minutes

Editor’s note: Gallup produces an interesting online publication called The Real Future of Work. it’s latest issue is on creating agile workplaces and includes pieces on being AI ready, strengths-based cultures and ethical decision making in the era of AI.

Curated LinkedIn logo on mobile phone screen
2 minutes (plus report reading time)

Editor’s note: LinkedIn Learning’s research of 4,000 executives – including L&D professionals, managers and employees – shows that the number one challenge for L&D is getting employees to make time for learning. As well as the challenges facing L&D, this research looks at how learning teams are delivering and evaluating learning interventions.

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