3 habits of successful language learners

Editor’s note: This is the power of data. The habits outlined in this article are based on the behaviours of more than 100 million users of the Duolingo app. The result: if you want top learn a new language then learn regularly over time and ensure you review what you learn.

Embracing Change: Improving Performance for Business, Individuals and the L&D Team

Editor’s note: This year’s Towards Maturity Benchmark Study is out. Plenty of data to pick over to see how organisations are using learning technologies as well as the impact it is having.

HR Meets Data: How Your Boss Will Monitor You To Create The Quantified Workplace

Editor’s note: Scary or the saviour of productivity? This article looks at the quantified employee.

How Midtjylland took the analytical route towards the Champions League

Editor’s note: I’m fascinated by how data can help teams become more effective. Here’s how a small football team is doing just that.

Andy Wooler on learning data and xAPI

Screenshot 2015-07-10 09.49.32

Editor’s note: Collecting the right data in the first place is going to be a key challenge for L&D professionals looking to build an evidence-based approach. Andy Wooler describes how his organisation is approaching the challenge.

Baseball statistics: Spring forward

Editor’s note: Sports data analysis means something in sports such as baseball. This is where data and performance come together which is why it is an area worth following. How long before other sectors follow?

How data analytics is transforming the hiring process

Editor’s note: This article alludes to some very interesting things such as using data to help hire diverse teams. We know the traditional hiring process based on interviews is laced with biases which sees hiring managers tends towards hiring people like them. Could data help create more diverse teams?

40 maps that explain the internet

Editor’s note: Despite the US focus, this is a useful way of showing how the internet has grown and penetrated in to different areas of our lives.

Where should L&D start when it comes to big data?

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Last week Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist, wrote a lengthy article on big data in the Financial Times. In it he got under the skin of what has become a huge buzz term in businesses around the world. And if it is a buzz term that senior executives are looking at, you can […]

Big data: are we making a big mistake?

Editor’s note: Tim Harford on the problems that beset us when using data sets ie the all-important biases that lurk beneath the numbers.

How should we analyse our lives?

Editor’s note: Fascinating look at social physics, the collection of colleague ‘behaviour’ data and what this means for privacy.

Executives ignore valuable employee actions that they can’t measure

Editor’s note: Great piece on performance and big data and why organisations need to factor in qualitative data to ensure the quirks and realities of human behaviour are captured and related to performance.

How Google sold its engineers on management

Editor’s note: A look at Google’s use of data to improve management performance.

Video of the week: How Google proved management matters

How data has powered management performance at Google.

When the right decisions go wrong in college football

Editor’s note: An analysis of two US football matches and how decisions backed up by data did not lead to the right result. Interesting lessons here on using data to determine what you do.