Tow Center: Platforms and Publishers: A Definitive Timeline

Editor’s note: Columbia Journalism School’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism has produced a timeline of developments at major platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. It goes back to 2000. This is a good resource for keeping tabs on how what these major platforms are developing.

The enterprise technologies to watch in 2017

Editor’s note: Have you heard of all these technologies? Reading this will make you sympathise with your IT team and especially your head of IT. Maybe the challenges of new technology are everyone’s challenges and should be the catalyst for L&D and IT to work more closely together.

The Disruption Myth

Editor’s note: Liberal sprinkling of the word disruption across the media might suggest that businesses are changing rapidly. That doesn’t seem to be the case though.

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

Editor’s note: This is worth 11 minutes of your time. This video looks at automation througout the ages, which provides good context for the current age of automation.

How the iPhone changed marketing forever

Editor’s note: This is great reminder of the impact the iphone has had on our lives.

Digital business transformation vs digital learning transformation: two parallel universes

Different directions

Research suggests that the #digital transformation of learning and development and the digital transformation of organisations are two different things. This is a huge concern for organisations and for L&D. According to Fosway Group, the biggest drivers for digital learning are increasing learning availability (87%), increasing agility and the speed of learning (84%), increasing learner […]

A Sociology of the Smartphone

Editor’s note: This is a long and worthwhile read that explores how the mobile has changed our everyday lives.

Eliminating the human

Editor’s note: This is a compelling argument – that technological innovation is designing out human interaction. Agree?

Curatr owner HT2 Labs wins new round of investment funding


HT2 Labs, the company behind social learning platform Curatr and learning record store Learning Locker, has won investment from the  the City & Guilds Group’s £2.5 million New Venture Fund. The funding will enable HT2 labs to grow its current product offering in Western Europe and the US and to continue to develop its research […]

Stop the sticking plaster approach to learning technologies, says leading analyst

Wilson: "For all of the froth that exists around learning technology, the fundamental speed of change of organisations to really embrace it has been very slow."

A tactical approach to implementing learning technologies is hampering the digital transformation of organisations, according to a leading market analyst. European learning and HR #technology analyst Fosway Group, recently released its latest analysis of the learning technology market. Called the 9-Grid™, the analyst positions technology vendors against a range of criteria that helps buyers decide […]

JPMorgan Marshals an Army of Developers to Automate High Finance

Editor’s note: The American bank has just automated work that took tens of thousands of hours. A good example of how technology is automting what used to be manual tasks carried out by professionals.

Eleven Reasons To Be Excited About The Future of Technology

Editor’s note: It’s worth thinking about the positive impact technology could have on our lives. This article shows the possibilities (that are already here). Learning is a big part of this . . .

The music industry and the digital revolution

Editor’s note: The music industry has been at the forefront of industrial digital disruption. This video describes the transformation of the industry and how new technologies are emerging to help create new business models for musicians.

The paradox of the Learning Technologies Conference 2016


The Learning Technologies Conference is a paradox. One the one hand as a delegate you are offered a glimpse of the future and on the other you are presented with reminders of how little corporate learning has shifted in recent years. For  example, conference chairman Don Taylor, who is also chairman of the Learning and […]

Equipping yourself for the digitally-transformed future

At the end of his keynote speech to the Learning Technologies Conference 2016, futurist Ben Hammersley was asked what L&D professionals could do to be prepared for the #technology-disrupted future of learning. This was his answer . . .