Does L&D expect too much from learning technologies?


Yesterday was filming day for Learning Now TV and in my research slot I covered a report from Good Practice. Australia’s Learning Technology Landscape report includes qualitative data from 24 heads of L&D from some of the largest organisations in Australia.

The report looked at the adoption of familiar technologies such as learning management systems and not so familiar technologies such as virtual reality.

One paragraph in the report screamed out to me. This is it:

An improved LMS is viewed as an important tool to help drive cultural change and a shift in mindset around how learning is perceived.

Surely this quote suggests an unrealistic expectation of what technology can achieve? Can and should L&D professionals expect culture change and shifts in mindset from their learning management system?

I doubt it. I’m not sure any workplace technology can change the culture – there are just too many other factors at play.

I wonder if this type of expectation of what learning technologies can achieve is in part responsible for the disappointment that comes when technology does not deliver the expected results. For example, Fosway Group research shows 66% of L&D professionals say their LMS never, rarely or occasionally has a positive impact.



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