Grockit launches social learning platform Learnist


Social learning start-up Grockit has launched Learnist, a social learning platform.

Learnist enables users to organise content on the web into subject boards. Others can suggest content for boards using ‘recommend’ buttons. Users can also invite others into boards to collaborate on subjects.

The platform is integrated into Facebook and allows users to sequence content so that it appears in the right order. Facebook integration also makes it easier for other users and ‘members’ of a board to discuss the content that is being posted.

Grockit says the aim of Learnist is to help users makes sense of information online. “Before Learnist, a person didn’t have the ability to collect resources, share notes and explanations, and order or reorder web assets in a way that helps the next person make sense of it all. That’s what Learnist does. It makes sense of all of the world’s information that already exists online, for free.”

See Grockit’s post on its new platform.


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