Top 10 social and tech webinars from the Learning and Skills Group online conference


In June this year [2012], the Learning and Skills Group ran a two-day online conference that featured a range of webinars. Hers is the LearnPatch pick of those webinars.

  1. The Truth about Social Learning Jane Bozarth, E-learning co-ordinator, North Carolina State Government
  2. Instructional design for virtual sessions, Karen Hyder
  3. Using a collaborative platform for brilliant learning, Jane Hart, founder, the Social Learning Centre
  4. Integrating learning and talent management, David Wilson, Managing Director of Elearnity, a leading European Learning and Talent Analyst
  5. Fear and loathing in social media, Mark Oehlert, Learning Technologies Lead/Innovation Evangelist, CSC
  6. Transforming learning and development, Clive Shepherd, Director, Onlignment Ltd
  7. The future of learning is open, Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor of Learning Technology, Plymouth University
  8. New technologies and new approaches for supporting workplace learning, Charles Jennings, Director, Duntroon Associates
  9. Ten steps to building a great learning environment online, Nigel Paine
  10. Improving Employee Engagement Through Social Learning, David Wilkins, Senior Director, Taleo



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