What does curation mean to you and how can it be used in learning?


If you read some of the reviews from the recent Learning Live conference you would have noticed that the idea of curation in L&D is being talked about more and more.

In his review of the conference, Alex Reeve cited Nigel Paine’s learning trends, which included a link to the work of Steve Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation.

And here is Rosenbaum’s 15-minute TEDx talk on curation:

Rosenbaum makes some powerful points around curation and the importance of, and value in, finding and filtering information. But what does this look like in the workplace learning context?

I thought it would be a good idea to canvas opinion as I am talking on the subject at the next We elearning event in Bath in October. I have been asked to share my thoughts at the event as I curate links on LearnPatch.

But as I said, I’m keen to hear what others think. So, I have set up an open document to get your input.

If you have any thoughts on curation in learning then please pitch in on this SHARED DOC.
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