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  1. One the one hand informed people talking without notes or AV is refreshing and challenges you to think beyond what is being said – on the other hand this video answers many of the questions I’ve been formulating as a blog entry this morning and wraps up a week that has had me immersed in the ‘curation’ theme, from a discussion with Julian Stodd on Tuesday, coincidently at the RA where there is a stunning exhibition of bronze sculptures to multiple visits to museums and galleries to seak out this connection between an online experience of curation and the real thing. Curation is a form of stage management, even direction, a conscious decission to put some things in and leave others out, to appeal to a visitor or persinas with certain needs and expectations. If this journey works, if the story draws them in, then by default they will be changed and therefore have learnt something.

    • Hi Jonathan – thanks for the response. I was going to mention my previous roles as an editor which in a similar way involved making decisions about what to include and what to leave out based on who the content was for. The only problem I had with that was that you could easily dismiss stuff for not being directly relevant even though it might help make broader connections and help develop a wider perspective.

      That’s my thing right now: with so much change and at such rapid speed I think we need to be looking outside of our traditional areas of information seeking and trying to make sense of how change is shaping our particular field in relation to others. Hoping to see the return of polymaths!

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