What’s the measure of a high impact learning organisation?


High impact learning organisations produce great learning content, are able to measure its impact and create a culture of learning, according to David Mallon, vice president research, Bersin and Associates.

Speaking at the HR Tech Europe Conference 2012, Mallon told delegates that L&D faced a tough time with 52% of leaders perceiving the function to be mediocre or worse, according to Bersin’s own research.

And increasing skills specialistation, a shortening shelf life for skills, the growth in demand for high-end skills and a shift to freelance and project-based working was creating skill shortages.

Mallon said engagement was key to developing a learning culture. He shared the six questions against which organisations can measure themselves to see how learning focused they are:

  1. To what degree do you demonstrate that it is worth spending time learning?
  2. How well does your organisation build learning into practice – as a regular activity?
  3. How well does your organisation encourage free flow of knowledge sharing?
  4. How well does your organisation reflect on success and failure to learn?
  5. How well does your organisation build trust between employees and between employees and the org?
  6. How well does you organisation empower employees to take risks, try out ideas and learn new things?

High impact learning organisations that have a culture of learning score highly on all six questions, he said.

Earlier on in the conference, Bersin published research that showed spending on learning management systems (LMS) in the Europe/Middle East/Africa region will grow by 12 per cent in 2013, outpacing the anticipated global spending growth rate of 10.4 per cent.

Josh Bersin, chief executive officer and president, Bersin and Associates, said: “Buyers are struggling to understand the global LMS market which, with over 500 providers, is one of the most complex and dynamic in the industry.”

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