Learning and developement at Facebook


Facebook’s head of L&D, Stuart Crabb, talked through people development at the social network at the CIPD’s annual conference. Here is a Storify we curated from Twitterers in the session.

Learning and development at Facebook

Making an Impact through your People: future-focussed L&D – a Storify from head of L&D at Facebook, Stuart Crabb. Many thanks to the Twitterers who made this possible.

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Stuart Crabb from Facebook is using FB-style timeline for his presentation on future-focused L&D #CIPD12Kogan Page
Interesting #CIPD12 session with Stuart Crabb from Facebook. Connection, collaboration, giving individuals control…all pertinent HR issuesCirrus
"People are hard wired to be social" @crabbstuart at #CIPD12 > Lessons for workplaces where connection & sharing is limitedTom Robinson
in the next 5 years almost every phone will be a smart phone, this means people that cannot connect yet – will #cipd12Mike Morrison
Stuart: "one of the biggest challenges for orgs is to get rid of the crap that stops people doing their jobs effectively":-))) #CIPD12Flora Marriott
Stuart Crabb, Head of Global Learning at Facebook: "we don’t focus on values espoused, we focus on values in action" #CIPD12Tom Robinson
Pact is a key Facebook value, says Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12. Gen Y want organisations to get rid of obstacles that stop them creating impactCirrus
a community based experience can rewally get change going #cipd1270 % of employees are gen yMike Morrison
Openness is a core Facebook value. Every Friday pm Mark Zuckerberg takes open questions from all employees. Nothing is off-limits #CIPD12Cirrus
"Happy employees lead to happy customers" says Stuart Crabb from Facebook at #CIPD12Cirrus
Stuart looks at the different generations, and their drivers #cipd12 boomer, gen x gen ymanagers are key to engagement,communication &a…Mike Morrison
FB: Learning flow now horizontal not vertical. #cipd12Steve Hewitt
even people at #facebook are resistant to some new tech! #cipd12assumptions – I learn most from people with more experience than me – s…Mike Morrison
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: we learn from everyone in organisations, not just the most experienced people"Cirrus
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: discover your employees’ passions. Then get rid of barriers that stop them being passionate about workCirrus
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: career development is like a climbing frame. There are lots of interesting bits, they’re not all the topCirrus
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: constant, immediate, real-time feedback is more powerful & valuable than 6-monthly performance reviewsCirrus
#od – org development if you effect change in one part of the org, you need to recognise that others things will change as a result #cipd12Mike Morrison
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: move away from a focus on roles, on hierarchy, and align everything with your core mission and valuesCirrus
renumeration needs to be fair – gen y smell BS at 100 paces #cipd12Mike Morrison
work/ life – its needs to be frictionless – to gen y there is no boundaries #cipd12Mike Morrison
as firms get bigger, they get slower – a "small world" group in #facebook aim to keep the biz lean #cipd12Mike Morrison
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: we feed employees breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. We even do their dry cleaning – all for free.Cirrus
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: be authentic. Be yourself at work. Be proud. Don’t just become your real self when you stop working.Cirrus
hacking – how can we take something that does not work & make it work – or something good to be extraordinary #cipd12#facebook have…Mike Morrison
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: We have regular all-night hackathons. Everyone is encouraged to join in, to experiment, to create.Cirrus
#CIPD12 stuart crabb FB encourages creative destruction of models that need rework through hackathons. Watch out monolithic HR stds!wilson
Facebook’s Stuart Crabb at #CIPD12: focus on the few things that help create change & win rather than the many things that can distract youCirrus
#facebook stretegy #cipd12Hire the right people – we go to extraordinary lengtsh – less than 1% that apply get taken on, culture is ke…Mike Morrison
FB: be your authentic self at work. Don’t be your LinkedIn self between 9 and 5 #CIPD12Steve Hewitt
#facebook is not about hours but output #cipd12Mike Morrison
when you walk in the building everyione believes we are changing the world #cipd12 #facebookMike Morrison
friends influencing friends – important inside & outside – fundamental #cipd12Mike Morrison
build ninjas, challenge the assumptions about your business, what you think people need/ want & move really, really fast #cipd12 #faceb…Mike Morrison
Facebook: we need to build ninjas in our organisations who can navigate the jungle gym. #CIPD12Steve Hewitt
"At Facebook, it’s okay to be a super ambitious employee the minute you walk through the door" #CIPD12Cirrus
TNA in a fast environment – constantly talk to managers , listen to the trends – max of 90 day cycle – #cipd12 #facebookMike Morrison
Oh boy that was amazing. Lost for words.(HR and L&D at Facebook)#CIPD12Flora Marriott
session ends with Stuart from #facebook #cipd12a great engaging and motivational session – a great presenter with a real authentic storyMike Morrison


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