Storify of day one at the CIPD conference 2012


This is our view from afar of day one of the CIPD Conference 2012 being held in Manchester.

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Day one of the CIPD Conference 2012

Curated highlights from the Twitter stream on day one at #cipd12

Storified by Martin Couzins · Tue, Nov 06 2012 09:20:23

Gary Hamel challenges us to use inspirational language. When’s the last time anyone spoke of truth or beauty in a meeting? #cipd12 #gotryitSHL Group
#CIPD12 Come and talk to Martin, Justin or Paul on stand 412 for all your training and development requirements Academy
@hoorayhenry warming up the crowd at #cipd12 😉 Jones
I am a leader – I work in HR – be proud, be proactive, be up front #cipd12Mike Morrison
The DPG teddies are loving the new edition of @peoplemgnt magazine #CIPD12 #CIPD > get yours now!!DPG plc
How much time does #HR spend really, really listening, asks Louise Beardmore from United Utilities at #cipd12Cirrus
45% of HR professionals are quite or very pessimistic about the future of work. #ADP #CIPD12Sukhvinder Pabial
Attending the sessions at #cipd12 is a bit like eating a bag of Revels. I’ve just had a coffee one….Neil Morrison
British Gas #Advocacy and #Engagement stems from every stakeholder including customers, not just the mgt team #cipd12 EMEA
Very Thought Provoking – New Study: The Top 10 Best Practices of High-Impact HR Organizations Lets chat #CIPD12. Plz…Ian Knowlson
@KellyCIPD telling #CIPD12 about Steps Ahead and the work we’re doing to help young ppl get ready for work Bach
Author Susan Walker at the Kogan Page stand 612 #CIPD12 Page
#HR must help kill bureaucracy and encourage greater innovation, says Gary Hamel #CIPD12 #hackyourteamColin Watt
#Blogging good for the blogger (reflective learning) as well as the readers @sukhpabial #cipd12Sheridan Webb
#cipd12 sporadic access to wifi but great place & conference, inspiring keynote by Prof Hamel on ditching management as we know it.Anna Cook
Lights, camera, action at the FP stand at #cipd12 Pearce
we are called human resources for a reason, now the world needs us to articulate this #cipd12—–end of speach – now q&AMike Morrison
One of our TLCs and their lookalike? #CIPD12 Cleaning Service
i have a high performance function, this is important in this climate, he is proud of his function and his teams people #cipd12Mike Morrison
"Businesses evolve, and #HR shared services needs to become a finely tuned engine" says Gary Booth from Co-operative Group at #CIPD12Cirrus
Three stages of Org Effectiveness at #nationwide 1 Diagnose: what are the barriers and how to address? #cipd12Martina O’Sullivan
Interesting journey from OD to OE as told by Nationwide #cipd12 Wilkie
Gary Hamel this morning, Nationwide this afternoon. PS3 v ZX81. #CIPD12Steve Hewitt
offer a simple, easy to access solution #cipd12 the only constant these days is change – biz is changing, we need to change tooMike Morrison
Really fun and interesting keynote from @profhamel this morning. I don’t say that lightly. Check it out! #cipd12 #shrmLaurie Ruettimann
Having a great day at #CIPD12 seen @sukhpabial doing his stuff & @KingfisherCoach passing in the hall & got *high 10* from @PerryTimmsPhil Willcox
Allianz insurance great example of linking HR strategy to organisational strategy-more needed tho on how impact is measured #cipd12Ele Morrissey
Some eye catching stands at #CIPD12 Bell Recruit
As #CIPD12 launches, a warning that 40% of employees do not believe business values are worth paper they’re written on
Listening to @FloraMarriott talking about HR Practitioner top tips on Social Media at #CIPD12 Pettigrew
Fiona Deal from AmicusHorizon on Internal Comms. #cipd12 Hewitt
If mix of board is changing so must HRs approach to influence- know your audience #cipd12 #boardroomMartina O’Sullivan
#CIPD12 linda Kennedy from yell on hr influence on boards. Make sure you know the unwritten rules of those on the board.Julia Tybura
Less than 1% of directors in UKs 50 largest firms come from people management background. No HR directors on any FTSE 100 companies #cipd12Martina O’Sullivan
"Young people are part of the Google generation, want truth but are the least confident" Fairhurst #cipdyouthspeak #CIPD12 #cipdl2wKaterina Rudiger
Full house, standing room only for #cipdyouthspeak #CIPD12 Morrison
Good to hear ‘The Element’ by @SirKenRobinson being quoted by @FloraMarriott at #CIPD12 – Find your tribe and get: Pettigrew
What entry level role will give value to young workers? One with variety, challenge, teamwork & customer interaction #cipdyouthspeak #cipd12MervynDinnen
A giant #HRprofessionmap on display on the @CIPD stand #CIPD12 Ratcliffe
@FloraMarriott ‘twitter is great for meeting people, and I did have friends before too!’ #CIPD12Doug Shaw
Organisational culture as an active, planned development process. How can L&D influence this? Interesting topic taster session at #CIPD12Claire Pedley
Employers need to have visible career paths, clearly mapped out for young people #cipdyouthspeak #CIPD12Katerina Rudiger
Youth learn through what they experience not what they are told – loyalty needs to be earned through action #cipdyouthspeak #cipd12MervynDinnen
some great ideas & passion. I encourage all readers to follow #cipdyouthspeak and get involved #cipd12Mike Morrison
2 years ago I went to CIPD alone & was on my own. This year, thanks to #twitter & #networking I went to #cipd12 alone, but met many friendsSheridan Webb
#CIPD12 – AMAZING session with Fiona Deal! Truly inspirational story and lots to take back home with me. Thank you!Paul Bleackley
Fantastic talk from Anna Cook of @CERN regarding how to use social media to enhance the recruitment process #CIPD12Originem
@mikepinions explaining data visualisation – fascinating stuff! #cipd12 Jones
“@neilmorrison: Blog: Innovation versus process: Day one of #CIPD12” > useful summary so far, look forward to moreAlison Chisnell


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