‘Steady state to ready state’ webinar series to cover intuition and cognitive science


The CIPD LinkedIn members’ group has announced dates for the next three webinars in its #cipdlrn series.

The webinars are being held in association with the CIPD and the topics reflect the institute’s ‘Steady state to ready state’ research programme led by learning and talent development advisor John McGurk.

Mike Morrison, director of RapidBI and founder of the Linkedin CIPD members’ group, said the initiative was aimed at helping spread the findings of CIPD research: ‘The first Ready state webinar with Dr Paul Howard-Jones in January proved to be very popular with members. We are delighted to be able to share more of the CIPD’s research in this way.”

The webinars are free to attend for members of the CIPD members Linkedin Group.

25 Feb 2013, 11am

  • Unpacking Intuition – Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith – University of Surrey

How can a fire chief know what do so with a fire before he has properly assessed it? How did an air traffic controller avoid a near certain collision? How do we just know whether someone likes us or not? What is ‘gut feeling’ and how can it be harnessed?

To what extent should business decisions be informed by ‘instincts’ which may seem irrational or impossible to quantify?

What is insight? How do we know when we have it; how can we get more of it & help others to develop it. How is insight linked to ideation & innovation?

Both intuition and insight are major thinking process and skills with a wide application to learning & development in this the second of our Ready State L&TD Webinars.

Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith of the University of Surrey a recognised expert researcher & teacher in both areas & will share his thought leadership on these key issues. This interactive webinar will help you examine and probe your understanding of these two key behaviours and integrate and understanding of them into your practice

14 March 2013, 11am

  • Cognition, decisions, behaviour. – Dr Adrian Banks, University of Surrey

Why do people make bad decisions? Why do they take unnecessary risks? What does it mean to be biased? What is willpower and how do we make or break habits?

Dr Adrian Banks has been researching cognitive psychology in the area of reasoning, decision making and bias for many years. He also researches how teams effectively share knowledge and how we operate in the face of uncertainty

As well as discussing some of the key areas around memory and how learning issues like the 10,000 hour/deep practice rule work.

Find out how to apply these theories to the workplace. This webinar will help to sharpen your skills in understanding these key issues in the psychology of learning

28 March 2013, 1pm

  • New Social Science Insight for learning – Dr John McGurk, CIPD

Learning and talent development has relied for most of its development on insights from psychology and management theory. Many of these have served it well but a new fund of insights which can help drive learning is developing from diverse fields of social science.

Join CIPD’s L&TD Adviser Dr John McGurk as he integrates these new and exciting aspects of learning to conclude our Ready State Webinar series.

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