Think about how adults really learn, says Charles Jennings


In his talk at the Learning Technologies Conference 2013, former chief learning officer at Reuters Charles Jennings looked at the four ways adults learn and how they could be used in the design and delivery of workplace learning.

Jennings told delegates the four key drivers were:

  1. Rich and challenging experiences
  2. The opportunity to practise
  3. Building resilient and helpful networks and rich conversations
  4. Reflection

But why was Jennings looking at this in 2013? Because, he says, the focus of corporate training over the last 50 years has been learning as content transfer underpinned by the belief that we transfer knowledge and then some magic happens for the learner.

This approach is starting to change, however. Jennings says L&D is beginning to understand that learning is more complex and that there are more tools in the kit bag other than designing content centric courses.

LearnPatch talked to Charles Jennings after his presentation. Here he looks at the implications for L&D based on the four key drivers for learning he outlined in his conference talk.

Listen to the interview:


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