Time for L&D to start breaking the mould, says Nigel Paine


In his session at Learning Technologies 2013, the BBC’s former chief learning officer Nigel Paine told delegates that it was time for L&D professionals to work out what they can do differently now to ensure they stay relevant to the business.

Paine said L&D teams can limp on for years without anybody noticing and that such a scenario was a disaster.

In his interactive session he said innovation was about people, the challenge was how to create an empowered staff who will share and give their time and want to make things better.

Earlier on in his talk, Paine likened L&D’s activities to perfecting a droplet (see picture) rather than looking at the impact it was having in the business – analogous to the ripples in the pond.

Listen to our interview with Nigel Paine talking innovation in L&D:


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