Video: Beyond the buzz of learning technologies – an interview with Towards Maturity’s Laura Overton


The Learning Technologies conference 2013 was bigger than ever with a lot of interest in how technology can enable learning in organisations. But does the buzz turn into action and if not what stops L&D professionals and their teams realise the potential of learning technologies?

LearnPatch interviewed Laura Overton, MD of Towards Maturity, to sense check the buzz against the independent research Towards Maturity carries out on how organisations use learning technologies.

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  1. Agree with Laura’s point on the barriers of implementing technology- It is very much about not having the confidence to use the tools. I think many people in L&D have a fear of bringing technology in and it not having an impact. Also heard that excuse before it being about ‘learners’ that’s an easy way out! Time to bold and brave!

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