CIPD aims to ‘hack’ change management


The CIPD is organising a hackathon for HR and L&D professionals to help reinvent the change management process.

The event, in which participants jointly solve a series of organisational issues, to deliver a set of actionable ideas, will be run inconjunction with management guru Gary Hamel and his Management Innovation eXchange.

The hackathon is free and the CIPD says it will be a hands-on, collaborative approach to live management innovation, focused on developing practical, real-world solutions.

Taking place online over a period of weeks, participants be able to engage online with Gary Hamel, Peter Cheese the CIPD chief executive, and other leading thinkers in HR.

The CIPD said: “There’ll be provocative content – videos, blogs and other materials – and regular opportunities to contribute. There’ll be the opportunity to take ideas away, test them in your organisation and bring back what you’ve learnt. And as the ideas take shape, there’ll be live coaching from big names in HR and L&D thought and practice. It’s not about theory – it is about practical answers, not someday but today.”

CIPD CEO Peter Cheese, added: “The pace of change in the world of work today is greater than ever before, and it’s not about to slow down. We need to create adaptive and agile organisations that are continually responsive and able to change to meet the rapidly changing context of markets, technologies, people, and society.

“We need to understand what the future looks like, to see how we need to change our thinking and how we create different types of organisations and management processes, and we need to understand HR’s future and role in this. By facilitating this hackathon with Gary Hamel – an open access coming together of sharp minds and people with ambition for our profession and the way it works – we can create new ideas, share latest thinking and even change the way we change.

“Get this right, and not only will we help businesses innovate and grow and the economy to prosper, but we’ll also ensure HR is future fit, and we will make work more fulfilling and rewarding for everyone.”

[Picture credit: Management Exchange]


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