The Mel Gibson guide to what learners want


It sounds obvious to say that what learners want should be at the heart of what organisations’ L&D teams deliver for their colleagues.

But not so, according to the Towards Maturity Benchmark, whose managing director, Laura Overton ran a webinar last week on What learners want for the Learning and Skills Group.

Organisations may have aspirations to provide what colleagues need to develop themselves but they are finding it difficult to deliver. According to Towards Maturity research:

  • 98% want to increase flexibility and access to learning resources but less than 20% agree they actually adapt learning to context or need
  • 94% want to increase sharing good practice, but only 25% are achieving it
  • 63% of organisations say their learners can’t mange their own learning.

Participants on the webinar said they needed to do more to find out what learners wanted and to excite them about what their organisations offered. Which was just as well, as Overton ended her talk by sharing the Mel Gibson guide to what learners want (see image).


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