How satisfied are you with your LMS? Not very, according to Elearnity research


In its ongoing research into learning technologies, learning and talent analyst, Elearnity, has found that at least one third of organisations are failing to make a positive impact with their learning management systems.

Around 100 users have so far taken part in the research into customer satisfaction levels of learning technology solutions and services across the UK and Europe, which is open until 3 May 2013.

The research concentrates on customer satisfaction with eight categories of learning Technology including:

  • LMS
  • Bespoke and generic elearning content
  • Authoring tools
  • Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
  • Social and collaboration tools
  • Assessment tools and mobile learning solutions.

Customers rate the technology they are using based on functionality, user experience, ease of delivery, configurability and flexibility, solution impact and total cost of ownership.

Director of research at Elearnity, David Perring, said: “Business impact is a critical measure of success for any system. And it is concerning that, so far, the research is highlighting how low satisfaction levels can be with some LMS deployments – especially as others appear to be getting it right. As we dig deeper into the responses, I expect we’ll find some interesting correlations between different suppliers – both positive and negative.”

Craig Weiss, CEO of E-Learning 24/7, recently published the 5 most common LMS complaints from end users. The list includes the salesperson says one thing then fails to back it up and tech support.

The Elearnity research can be accessed via the Elearnity website



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