Research shows employers rate apprenticeships above other qualifications


Employers rate apprentices as 15% more employable than those with other qualifications, according to ICM research.

The study by ICM Research for the National Apprenticeship Service also shows that those who complete Higher Apprenticeships are the most desirable employees, with businesses rating this group as 25 per cent more employable than those who took an alternative route into work.

There are now Higher Apprenticeships available in a 41 subjects including Engineering Environmental Technologies, Interactive Media, Legal Services and Space Engineering which offer young people a different route to degree-level qualifications than traditional university study.

One in six (15%) apprentices currently progresses to Higher Education following their Apprenticeship, either at a college or a university, but with Apprenticeships at Bachelor and Master degree levels also becoming available for the first time, the opportunities for degree level learning while young people earn have now been significantly expanded.

David Way, executive director of the National Apprenticeship Service said: “Higher Apprenticeships are a great example of how Apprenticeships are changing to reflect the world of work and the even higher level skills needed by employers.”

Head of people at PwC, Gaenor Bagley, added: “We’re finding talent from wider sources than ever before. There’s no doubt in our mind that for talented students who are clear about their career path and want to get straight into work, Higher Apprenticeships offer a real opportunity that doesn’t compromise on training and development.

  • A full list of Higher apprenticeships is available here.

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