Preview: The Learning and Skills Group summer conference


The Learning and Skills Group summer conference will be taking place tomorrow at London’s Olympia 2.

The conference program features a range of speakers from January’s learning technologies conference.

It covers the following areas: new technologies, social learning, mobile learning, content creation, business alignment and learning strategies.

Opening the conference, as he did at January’s event, Gerd Leonhard, author and CEO of the Futures Agency, will be sharing his thinking on work, learning and living in the future. Leonhard will look at the impact of technology on learning and will be examining the future nature of work, outsourcing and wider shifts in our culture.

Other speakers include Ben Betts, research engineer at the University of Warwick and creator of the Curatr social learning platform, who will be looking at games based learning principles. Chris Atherton, a freelance user experience architect, will be sharing her thinking on developing user centred design and creating engaging digital learning experiences. Atherton will be exploring how the brain processes visual informational and how this impacts on interface design.

Megan Barrow, a strategist at Rustici Software, will be running two sessions on the Tin Can API. She will be looking at how organisations can use Tin Can to collect and use data to support individuals on their learning journeys.

Nigel Paine, managing director at, will be running a session on big data for those “without a love of statistics”. He talk will look at big data, bust the myths around it and provide delegates with tips on how to get started using data to support learning and wider business activities.

In her session on Learning resources: how long is long enough, Stephanie Dedhar, a learning and performance consultant at BP, will explore examples of learning content to consider how the subject, aims and construction of a new learning resource affect its ideal length. Dedhar says this should be “long enough to do the job, rather than simply as short as possible”.

There will also be a Question Time debate on “What’s your greatest L&D challenge?”

Martin Baker, MD, The Corporate eLearning Consortium, will be posing questions to the expert panel including Laura Overton, MD, Towards Maturity, John McGurk, Learning and talent Development Adviser, CIPD, Peter Casebow, Chief Executive, GoodPractice and Steve Rayson, MD, Kineo UK

Other sessions will look at:

  • Open Learning – opportunity or threat?
  • Ensuring true interaction in live online learning
  • The seven habits of highly aligned L&D teams
  • Using Open Badges for accreditation
  • The learning design challenge
  • Moving to social learning

Follow the event on the Twitter hashtag #LSG13.


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