Towards Maturity launches 2013 Benchmark Study


Learning and development research company Towards Maturity has launched its 2013 Benchmark Study, Europe’s largest study of L&D effectiveness.

The benchmark enables organisations to independently review their online learning strategy and directly compare themselves with other organisations. This includes reviewing learning strategy in the following areas:

  1. Objectives and vision
  2. Impact on business outcomes
  3. Stakeholder engagement
  4. Barriers to overcome
  5. Underpinning technology plans
  6. Implementation tactics

Seventy-three per cent of participants who completed the survey in 2012 said that their review provoked discussion or ideas on how to improve the impact of their learning services.

Niall Gavin, Group Head of L&D at First Group said, “First Group has participated in the TM benchmark over the last 5 years and the continual review process helps us to challenge our thinking and track our progress both internally and against our peers. The Towards Maturity Model has provided us with a practical framework on which to base our Learning and Development strategy, helping us to focus on supporting the strategic priorities of our business. I welcome the introduction of the new Alignment and Engagement Indices in the 2013 Study which will help us to strengthen our relationships with important business stakeholders.”

This year, participants will be able to access four new practical In-Focus reports: “Mobile Learning”, “Aligning Learning Strategy to Business”, Helping Individuals Practice and Perform” and “Embedding learning into the Workflow” at the end of the study. The main findings of the study will be launched in November 2013 in conjunction with the Learning and Skills Group.

Laura Overton, Managing Director of Towards Maturity said, “Today’s L&D departments are under pressure to transform the way that they support learning and performance at work but have little time to stop and reflect on how they are going to achieve this. The Towards Maturity Benchmark provides the opportunity to fast track their way to success. The independent evidence it provides, of both progress and opportunities to improve, is essential for any learning leader looking to be at the top of their game.”

The Towards Maturity 2013 Benchmark Study is free to participants. To take part in the benchmark, click here.



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