LearnPatch’s pick of the top L and D blog posts: June 2013


In June’s round-up of the best L&D blogs we have a diverse range of posts from a range of writers including practitioners and consultants.

Our aim is to highlight the excellent thinking, writing and sharing from L&D bloggers around the world. There is no science to this list – we flag up posts that we have enjoyed. We have also included a link to each author’s Twitter profile and the RSS feed URL if you want to add the blog to your feed reader (simply copy the link and paste into into your feed reader).

Roll out a barrel…
Andrew Jacobs’ follow-up post about the CIPD and what he feels it should be doing to make itself more relevant to the profession. Great comments and the original post is well worth a read too

RSS feed: http://lostanddesperate.com/feed/
Follow Andrew on Twitter: @andrewjacobsld

Learning & development people unite!
Cathy Moore’s manifesto for L&D. It has more of a focus on instructional design but still a  great read to get you punching the air.
RSS feed:
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Social Media and Social Learning for Learning Professionals: Resources Shared at #A2ASTD
A vast range of resources on social media and social learning for L&D professionals from David Kelly.
RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DavidKelly
Follow David on Twitter: @LndDave

Continuous, collaborative learning — what is it and why should you care?
Kineo’s Cammy Bean shares a slide deck on continuous learning. It’s an easy to follow deck and makes some powerful points.
RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/kineo/nOZK
Follow Cammy on Twitter: @cammybean

Strategies for transformation 1: from generic to tailored
Clive Shepherd has been running an in-depth series on change in L&D. Here kicks off part two of the series with a look at how to transform the work of L&D.
RSS feed: http://clive-shepherd.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
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Negroponte hacks off Africa
Donald Clark gets beyond the One Laptop Per Child hype – is he the only one asking these questions?
RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/dcplanb
Follow Donald on Twitter: @donaldclark

Sugata Mitra – Charlatan or genius?
Another contentious figure in education right now is Sugata Mitra. Good to see Steve Wheeler interview him in this post.
RSS feed: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/blogspot/cYWZ
Follow Steve on Twitter: @timbuckteeth

Badges of honour
Ryan Tracey takes a look at the use of badges (Mozilla Open Badges) in learning with a specific look at how they could be used in compliance training.
RSS feed: http://ryan2point0.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Ryan on Twitter: @ryantracey

Hacking Learning and Development
Sukh Pabial’s impassioned plea for what he believes is needed in L&D.
RSS feed: http://pabial.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Sukh on Twitter: @sukhpabial

Breaking the L&D bubble at #AMC13
Craig Taylor creates a video preview of a marketing conference he is due to attend. Interesting both for the preview and how he has done it as well as his desire to gain perspectives outside of L&D.
RSS feed: http://tayloringit.com/feed/
Follow Craig on Twitter: @craigtaylor74

‘Training’ is making a comeback
Donald Taylor on the comeback of’training’. Interesting debate and comments that goes far beyond a simple semantic discussion.
RSS feed: http://donaldhtaylor.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Donald on Twitter: @donaldhtaylor

Impressions from Learning Skills Group 2013 Summer Conference – key note
Jo Cook has been blogging hard in June with numerous posts from arrange of events she has attended. I’ve opted fro this one as Gerd Leonhard provides a broader view of the world L&D operates within.
RSS feed: http://lightbulbjo.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Jo on Twitter: @lightbulbjo

Just the job
Niall gavin reflects on his working life and the skills he has needed to survive. He ponders what those skills will be for his children.
RSS feed: http://niallgavinuk.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
Follow Niall on Twitter: @niallgavinuk

Resources or courses?
John Curran on how courses and resources do – or do not – fit together.
RSS feed: http://www.designedforlearning.co.uk/feed/
Follow John on Twitter: @designedlearning

Social learning is for human work
Harold Jarche on human skills and social learning and where they fit into the fast-changing world of work.
RSS feed: http://www.jarche.com/feed/
Follow Harold on Twitter: @hjarche

Introduction to APIs
What’s an API? Find out with this article on the Wyver blog.
RSS feed: http://www.wyversolutions.co.uk/cms/feed/

The one with the ridiculous question
Rob Jones knows how to tell a story and this is no exception. I’ll say no more . . .
RSS feed: http://mastersorbust.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Rob on Twitter: @robjones_tring

Social learning: the changing face of workplace learning
Useful slide deck from Jane Hart including some notes in the blog post to go with the slides.
RSS feed: http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/blog/feed/
Follow Jane on Twitter: @c4lpt


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