LearnPatch’s pick of the top L and D blog posts: July 2013


Here is our round-up of posts published in July from L&D bloggers – both practitioners and consultants.

Our aim is to highlight the excellent thinking, writing and sharing from L&D bloggers around the world. There is no science to this list – we flag up posts that we have enjoyed. We have also included a link to each author’s Twitter profile and the RSS feed URL if you want to add the blog to your feed reader (simply copy the link and paste into into your feed reader).

Network Era Fluency
Harold Jarche on how individuals, networks and communities will impact on how we learn.
RSS feed: http://www.jarche.com/feed/
Follow Harold on Twitter: @hjarche

Compliance – e-learning’s greatest friend and worst enemy
Clive Shepherd takes a look at Toward’s Maturity’s latest research into compliance training.
RSS feed:
Follow Clive on Twitter: @cliveshepherd

Legacy, lethargy, and the need to be #agile
Julian Stodd argues for a new, outward facing mindset for learning as well as a more social and agile approach.
RSS feed: http://julianstodd.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Julian on Twitter: @julianstodd

Top 5 benefits of open badges for corporates
Ryan Tracey looks at how badges can work in the corporate environment.
RSS feed: http://ryan2point0.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Ryan on Twitter: @ryantracey

3 emerging services of the L&D Department
Jane Hart says the three new elements of a 21st century L&D team are content production, learning concierge and connected workplace.
RSS feed: http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/blog/feed/
Follow Jane on Twitter: @c4lpt

Exploring #GoogleGlass: #Glass at the MLB All Start Game
Dave Kelly is sharing his experiences of using Google Glass and reflecting on how this wearable tech could be used in learning.
RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DavidKelly
Follow David on Twitter: @LndDave

The one with the apprentice
Rob Jones has been won over by the apprentices in his organisation.
RSS feed: http://mastersorbust.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Rob on Twitter: @robjones_tring

Wikipedia Zero – mobile as lifeline to learning
Donald Clark on how Wikipedia is opening up online learning to the most mobile of continents.
RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/dcplanb
Follow Donald on Twitter: @donaldclark

The future of L&D
Do you see the essential skills of L&D as financial acumen and user experience? Sukh Pabial says these are just two of the essential skills L&D will need in the future.
RSS feed: http://pabial.wordpress.com/feed/
Follow Sukh on Twitter: @sukhpabial

UXBristol 2013
Sam Burrough reviews a recent user experience conference in Bristol and reflects on what such conferences mean in the L&D space.
RSS feed: http://weelearning.co.uk/feed/
Follow Weelearning on Twitter: @weelearning

Beyond Kirkpatrick: Evaluating Informal Learning
Chat2lrn primes its Twitter chats with in-depth posts. This one on evaluation is a great read.
RSS feed: http://chat2lrn.wordpress.com/feed/

Defining e-learning in 2013
John Curran takes a look at what elearning has come to represent in 2013.
RSS feed: http://www.designedforlearning.co.uk/feed/
Follow John on Twitter: @designedlearning


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