8 tech start-ups knocking on L&D’s door


A recent article on GigaOm looked at 100 private human capital start-ups. The list shows how smaller tech companies are looking to get a foot in the corporate HR and learning space. Here we list eight of the companies that are working in the L&D space.

1 Everwise
What the company says: Everwise connects professionals with the people and insights that can help them succeed at every stage of their career.

2 GoodRevu
What the company says: Online performance evaluation software that works instantly.

3 RiseSmart
What the company says: RiseSmart gives employees everything they need to own their careers, and gives companies an invaluable tool to assess their strengths and plan for the future.

4 Springshot
What the company says: The mobile worker productivity platform that will help you.

5 Bloomfire
What the company says: Bloomfire works by capturing, archiving, and growing the knowledge that already exists within or about your organisation.

6 Kaleo
What the company says: Kaleo collects information and fills your enterprise knowledge pool so everyone can dive in to find the answers they need.

7 Who Knows
What the company says: The private expert network for your company.

8 CoTap
What the company says: Simple and secure mobile messaging with your coworkers.


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