Classroom training ‘back with a vengeance’, according to survey


Classroom training is back in vogue, according to a survey by training provider Video Arts.

The survey of 294 learning and development professionals showed 93% now use classroom training (up from 82% in 2012), 82% use e-learning (79% in 2012), 20% use mobile learning (12% in 2012) and 52% are using webinars (27% in 2012).

Soft skills development is the top training priority followed by leadership and management training and induction training.

The survey shows that coaching is the most popular informal learning tool, used in 73% of organisations. L&D teams are also embracing new technology options including podcasts (51%), online communities and social networks (48%), video portals/‘corporate YouTube’ channels (40%) and e-books (30%).

More L&D teams are creating their own learning content than ever before. The use of self-authored e-learning courses is up 13% to 40%. And 56% of L&D teams now create their own video content (up from 44% in 2012). Fewer L&D teams (57%) are sourcing free video content from the Internet (down from 59% in 2012).

Martin Addison, CEO of Video Arts, said: “Classroom training had been in decline in previous years, with organisations facing cutbacks and austerity measures, but it’s back with a vengeance now as the economy shows signs of growth.

“What’s interesting is that the other methods of delivery, which are often billed as an alternative to classroom training, have also seen a rise. It must be a busy time for L&D as this suggests that more organisations are utilising more learning. That’s good news for employees and good news for further organisational performance improvements.”

The survey also asked about the changing nature of the corporate trainer role. Fifty-six per cent of respondents said the most important aspect of their job is to be a facilitator, 24% said content manager or curator and 15% said subject matter expert. Only 5% see their main role as an instructor.

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