Discussion points at the L&D Connect Scotland unconference


At the start of the L&D Connect Scotland Unconference participants were asked to share what they wanted to talk about throughout the day. This was the basis for the day’s discussions.

This is the list of topics.

  1. Whole systems change
  2. Coaching and the role of the manager
  3. OD – what’s the state of play?
  4. Leadership
  5. Why do organisations have to be organisations?
  6. Why don’t HR directors consider leadership development to be crucial to organisasations?
  7. Role of OD in culture and change
  8. Social media and how it can work in organisations
  9. Cultural change
  10. Using social media to promote learning
  11. Here and now of L&D versus long-term impact
  12. All things education and learning – time to change a system that is not working
  13. The future of L&D
  14. Neuroscience
  15. Social medoia/social learning/blended learning and the impact of learning technologies
  16. Learn, share, discuss
  17. Where do we all connect?
  18. What is true L&D? Traditional/modern
  19. Bridging the gap between learning and education
  20. The future of work
  21. How L&D interacts with the wider function
  22. Future skills in Scotland
  23. How we improve the impact of L&D

The topics were then distilled into themes that were discussed in a ‘world cafe’ format – 10 minute conversations on each table, note taking and then participants move to a new topic.

The themes were:

  • Leadership – what about it?
  • Social media use
  • L&D and OD’s position in the wider organisational structure
  • Change and culture change – role of L&D and OD
  • Future of L&D
  • Art versus science



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