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LearnPatch is delighted to announce Barcamp – our fringe event for the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2015. We have a stellar line up of xAPI developers and practitioners to share their knowledge and experience.

The event will be held in the Cumberland Arms at 6pm at the end of day one (28 Januray 2015) of Learning Technologies. It is free to attend.

For event details and tickets, click here. Or reserve a ticket here . . .

We have a stellar line up of speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on . Our speakers are:

Andrew Downes (@mrdownes)
Andrew will be talking about using xAPI in your learning design and the importance of ‘recipes’.
What you need to know about Andrew: He is one of the authors of the Tin Can/Experience API (xAPI) specification, is a leading thinker on xAPI-enabled learning experience design. An independent contractor working with Rustici Software, he supports organisations in adopting Tin Can.

Mark Aberdour (@maberdour)
Mark will be talking about learning management system (Moodle) integration.
What you need to know about Mark: Mark has 20 years’ experience in learning technologies. He has led xAPI presentations at UK Learning Technologies and Moodle Moot events over the past two years and driven discussions in the Moodle community about how best to adopt xAPI on this platform. His team at LEO have worked on a humber of xAPI implementations including mobile learning tracking for a luxury retailer and Moodle xAPI implementation for a major hotel group. He sits on the Learner Locker LRS community governance board.

Mark Berthelemy (@berthelemy)
Mark will be talking about his experiences implementing xAPI in major organisations.
What you need to know about Mark B: Mark is a learning technology consultant and project manager with more than 25 years’ experience working across the educational and corporate sectors.

He has written a number of articles about xAPI and understands the potential it has to make a real difference in how we measure performance and learning. Over the past year he has worked with a number of major clients to place xAPI at the centre of their learning technology strategies.

Ben Betts (@bbetts)
Ben will be talking about the big picture around data, the Internet of Things, analytics and personal data in general.
What you need to know about Ben: Ben is an entrepreneur and technologist, specialising in the application of social and peer-to-peer learning in organisations. He speaks around the world promoting research-driven innovations in learning technology, including making an appearance at TEDx in the UK.

His current work focuses on creating personalised learning experiences using data. He sits on the review board of the Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference and leads the open source Learning Record Store, Learning Locker.

How the event works
The format is simple, each speaker will have 15 minutes to host a conversation. Once the the time is up, the speaker will move on to the next table to have a conversation with the next group . The event will come to an end when all groups have had a conversation with each of the four speakers.

The aim of the event is to have an informal, end of the day conversation, and drink, with some really interesting people. The bar is less than five minutes from the conference venue so you won’t have to walk far!

xAPI barcamp is open to anyone – whether you have been to the conference or not.

Finally, thanks to our lovely sponsors we can offer all attendees a free drink. Many thanks to Learning Locker and Watershed LRS for putting the money behind the bar!

We look forward to seeing you on the 28th.

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