The value of MOOCs for business in one video


Corporate learning manager Craig Taylor produced this video as an assignment for a massive open online course (MOOC) he took on learning how to learn. It manages to explain why corporates should be looking at sending colleagues on MOOCs.

How so? The MOOC Taylor participated in was free – the resource here is the time to participate, reflect and do assignments. Being a learning manager, this MOOC was perfect for his professional development. However, it is this video assignment which demonstrates the power of MOOCs.

In his video Taylor explains that the video has been created to help other trainers in his organisation and beyond (the video is on Youtube for all to see). In just a few short minutes he clearly and concisely explains what he has learned and how it is relevant to the work of corporate trainers. So, not only has he embedded the learning by reflecting on the course and sharing what he knows, he has created valuable content for colleagues as well as other corporate trainers. The organisation benefits from some great content that it can use internally and externally. This is value creation.

Now imagine if other colleagues in other departments were participating in MOOCs and creating similar content for colleagues and their wider networks? This activity goes well beyond personal learning and knowledge sharing/management, it relates directly to the employer brand and brand marketing too.

Final point. How many of your employees are creating this type of content based on their learning experiences – paid for or free?

The high cost of some forms of training start to look unjustifiable when you see what a MOOC experience can produce.



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