This is as good a management book as you’ll ever read. It eschews the usual platitudes for a view of the world as messy and complex. It deals in realism, not idealism. Professor Pfeffer, of Stanford Business School, confirmed much of what I already thought about and management… and much more, but it’s his candour and realism that impresses. As he exposes the nostrums, stories, fictions, anecdotes, promises, glib simplicities, bromides, romanticism, myth-making feel-good nonsense that passes for Leadership training, he also offers a solution – realism. He replaces normative wishes with evidence and the realities of the workplace. That’s pretty refreshing.




Donald Clark reviews Stanford Business School’s Professor Pfeffer’s book Leadership BS. It’s a great review of what looks like a must read if you have anything to do with leadership or leadership programmes.


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