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On the 22 September 2016, will be holding its first Bristol . Over the last four years L&D Connect has hosted unconferences in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. This year the aim is to host multiple unconferences across the globe and all on the 22 September.

The Bristol Unconference is for anyone who has is involved in people development in organisations. You might be an L&D or HR professional, a talent manager or an OD specialist. If your work is focused on people and organisational performance then this is for you.

An unconference is different to a traditional conference. The main difference is that the day is designed by the participants so as an attendee you are required to participate from the off. Feedback from previous unconferences suggests that the event is a lot richer and more valuable because of this approach.

I created a slide deck about unconferences that highlights some more differences between conferences and unconferences.

If you are interested in attending, then here are a few more reasons to help you make your decision.

1 You’ll learn new facilitation techniques
Because there is no agenda, participants need to use techniques such as open space and world cafe to help design the day.

2 You make the day yours
There’s a lot of talk in L&D circles about personalised learning. Well an unconference provides you with just that experience as you decide what conversations to be a part of and when to move on to the next one. You can also lead a conversation on the topic you want to talk about.

3 You’ll learn from your peers
Just imagine being able to have in-depth conversations with other people who face similar challenges to you. Well, that’s what happens at an unconference.

4 You’ll develop your network
This follows on from the previous point. You will meet new people and make great connections.

5 You’ll have space to reflect and think
Rather than being bombarded with information you will be invited to listen and respond how and when you want to. You will also have time to step back and actually think about what is being said. The pace of an unconference is decided by you and that matters when it comes to reflection and critical thinking.

6 You’ll be encouraged to share on social media
Whether you use social media or not there will be people there to help and encourage some sharing so that we can connect and talk with those outside of the room.

There are many more reasons to come too. For example, it is informal, fun, cheap etc.

If you’d like to find out more and buy tickets then click here.

And please spread the word.

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