From AI to video – welcome to our Learning Technologies barcamp 2018


We are delighted to announce our sixth barcamp which will be taking place at the end of day one of the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2018.

As in previous years we count ourselves lucky to have a stellar line-up of speakers. We wanted to reflect some of the contemporary trends in learning and feel that we have managed to do so with our speakers who will be discussing artificial intelligence, video, microlearning and learning culture. The event would not be taking place without their support so a huge thankyou to all our speakers.

So why is it called a barcamp? Because it takes place in a bar. The aim is to continue the conversations from the conference and exhibition in an informal way and whilst sharing a drink or two. The event has previously been likened to a ‘drink with a purpose’.

Attendees will sit at tables and speakers will have 15 minutes to discuss their area of expertise. This is a chance to ask our speakers for their insight and advice, so please do bring your questions. It can be hard to get access to speakers during an event which is why we ask them to carry on talking in the local pub.

Once each table has heard from each speaker the event draws to a close. From then on you can choose to stay and chat or leave. The night is still young so there is plenty of time to move on to other things.

The event is free to attend and you can reserve a place here.

This is what our speakers will be covering . . .

Microlearning Settled
Shannon Tipton, owner, Learning Rebels, LLC, will be looking at exactly what we mean by microlearning and dispelling some of the myths surrounding the concept along the way. Shannon will be looking at the How, What and Why behind the concept of microlearning in the workplace.

Unwrapping AI in learning
Much has been written about the current and future impact of AI in learning. But how can learning professionals get an understanding of how AI works in practice? Vinit Patel (co-founder and COO) and Victor Barbu (Machine Learning Engineer) of Filtered – a learning recommendation engine – will share their insights on what AI can do for learning – now and in the near-term.

Head and Heart: Storytelling through video for learning
Be it a professional production, or shot in-the-moment on a smartphone, video content is increasingly regarded as essential for many L&D initiatives.
But what makes an effective but engaging video for learners?
See Learning Films’ Jo Wainwright (L&D Consultant) and Mark Davies (MD) discuss how many organisations should consider refocussing how they approach video – how ‘the hard facts’ can be layered or woven with storytelling to bring greater depth, context, understanding, and emotional connection to a subject that matters.

Have you any idea what a learning culture means?
Many false claims have been made about learning cultures, according to Nigel Paine, a former chief learning officer at the BBC and author of Building Leadership Development Programmes: Zero-Cost to High-Investment Programmes that Work. Nigel will be shedding some light on what we mean by a learning culture and how to develop one.



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