7 future trends for the L&D professional


Nigel Paine, a former chief learning officer at the BBC, was billed to provide ‘Six learning trends that you cannot afford to ignore’ at last week’s Learning Live conference.

Paine’s session ran concurrently with Steve Wheeler’s, which looked at future learning trends. Unlike Wheeler’s session, which focused on learning trends, Paine’s looked at future considerations for the L&D professional.

These include:

1 Accountability

L&D professionals are now accountable for the impact of learning on the organization – something they never really had to worry about too much previously, he said.

2 Partnership

To be truly effective, L&D teams need to work closely with the business and other business functions as well as external suppliers.

3 Social networking

Organisations need to develop a conversational culture and focus on short, sharp, focused sharing.

4 Hearts and minds

It is time for L&D to win people over to the values of learning. This is right at the heart of L&D.

5 Events aren’t dead

Now is the time for L&D to focus on great, spectacular events, says Paine.

6 Focus on the impact you make

Maximise the impact you make in the business with the minimum of effort.

7 Promote the role of learning

It really is time L&D professionals shouted about the impact of learning and what it can achieve for individuals and the organisation.


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