Curated tweets from the #cipdlrn webinar on intuition


Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith led yesterday’s #cipdlrn webinar on intuition – a part of a series of ‘Steady state to ready state’ webinars being run by the CIPD and CIPD LinkedIn members Group for L&D professionals.

Here are the curated tweets from the event.

Curated tweets from #cipdlrn webinar on intuition

These are edited highlights of the Twitter stream from the second #cipdlrn webinar entitled ‘Unpacking Intuition’ and presented by professor Eugene Sadler-Smith of the University of Surrey.

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in the greenroom ready for the #cipdlrn webinar – places still availableMike Morrison
Just kicking off in a webinar on Unpacking Intuition. I have a gut feeling that this might be very interesting! #cipdlrnGraham Salisbury
Webinar on intuition, #neuroscienceand learning… coffee in hand and off we go #CIPDLRNntgconsulting
what happens when you intuit? #cipdlrnMike Morrison
#cipdlrn – what is intuition? Hard to define so think about what happens when one intuits?Julian Staddon
#cipdlrn So intuition and business – mutually inclusive or not? The right way to behave, or not? Hoping to learn more on the Webinar.Maggie Saunders
#cipdlrn – intuition, what is it like? feelings +ve or -ve; judgement; involuntary; rapid; non-conscious; holistic associationsJulian Staddon
#intuition expert chess grand masters do not use logic, but use patterns or intuition #cipdlrnMike Morrison
#cipdlrn – intuition is not insight; insight = Archimedes and EurekaJulian Staddon
the mind is an adaptive toolbox #intuition #cipdlrnMike Morrison
#cipdlrn – your mind is an adaptive toolbox. Take speed dating – intuition must be used – lots of processes, inputs.Julian Staddon
we have 2 minds – analytical mind & intuitive mind – not the same as "left/ right" brain #cipdlrnMike Morrison
#cipdlrn suggesting we have (at least) 2 minds: analytical (more recent) and intuitive. Intuitive – auto; pattern recognition; feelingsJulian Staddon
intuitive mind talks in the language of feelings #cipdlrnMike Morrison
analytical or intuitive mind – one is not better than the other, they each have a different role to play #cipdlrnMike Morrison
great stuff on #intuition being discussion cultural, etc #cipdlrnMike Morrison
steve jobs used intuition rather than analytical mind for decisionmaking #cipdlrnMike Morrison
#cipdlrn: Business and intuition – lots of rhetoric – from people like Jobs, Gates. Comparing Brown (analytical) to Blair (intuitive)Julian Staddon
#cipdlrn #SteveJobs quote: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.Maggie Saunders
#cipdlrn – in business need evidence not anecdotes; job level – junior tend to be more analyticalJulian Staddon
#cipdlrn – intuition and job type: suggest entrepreneurs have balance between intuition and analyticsJulian Staddon
#cipdlrn – no male;female differences in analysis vs intuition. (Depends what type of intuition you measure)Julian Staddon
2 minds or dual processing theory – minds theory is different from MBTI #cipdlrn #intuitionMike Morrison
10 years to become in intuitive expert – no short cuts #cipdlrnMike Morrison
#cipdlrn – developing intuition: build intuitive muscle power (e.g. chess master holds many patterns) build experienceJulian Staddon
be a "smart" intuitor – don`t blindly trust intuition #cipdlrnMike Morrison
#cipdlrn – developing intuition: be ‘smart’ . Measure intuition with your (or others) analysis.Julian Staddon
#cipdlrn – don’t lock your intuitions away! Get them out in the open to expose them to analysis.Julian Staddon
#cipdlrn Intution doesn’t always work so think about it before actingLaura Murphy
#cipdlrn great simple tool for balancing brain gut or insight and analysis. Great tool also for "cognitive versatility"John McGurk
#cipdlrn how do we bring intuition into the learning and development effort? Coaching and mentoring?John McGurk
Intuition has a significant role to play in scientific discovery says Sadler-Smith #cipdlrnLearnPatch
#cipdlrn mirror neuron research gives us a new lens for looking at organisational interactions.John McGurk
“@RapidBI: senior managers tend to be more intuitive than jnr managers #cipdlrn”@MahmoudSharbRita Eid
Neuroscience & intution – great CPD via webinar #cipdlrnLaura Murphy
thanks to everyone on the #cipdlrn webinar on #intuition – a great session. lots to reflect on #cipdlrnMike Morrison

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