Some eye-catching talks at the CIPD’s HRD conference 2013


This year’s HRD conference features 32 conference sessions covering learning and development, coaching, technology for learning, leadership and development and OD.

Here we highlight some of the sessions in the conference and exhibition halls. Split into five streams, the conference features a range of seminars. There is no keynote. For a full listing of talks and seminars, visit the HRD website.

Nurturing Creativity and Learning in the Workplace
Stephan Thoma, global L&D director ayt Google looks at how organisations can train and retain skilled, talented employees who will assist in the long-termsuccess of the business. It’s the global head of L&D at Google – need we say more.

Simplifying L&D with Efficient Use of Technology (Weds 1-4
FirstGroup’s Niall Gavin and Thomas Bryant, head of L&D at Colt Technology Services will be looking at how to use technology efficiently to deliver learning programmes. You can read more on Gavin’s approach here.

Evaluating the Performance and Value of Social L&D Technologies
If the acronym ROI keeps you awake at night then maybe this will help you get more sleep. It will be intrguining to hear how the ROI of social technologies is measured. Simon Walker of My360Plus and Julian Sykes, head of leadership and support office capability at Boots, will be providing the answers.

Transforming a Learning Culture
This session features big organisations with stories to share on transformation. If you are looking to kickstart a new learning ‘culture’ then come and hear Jerry Arnott, director, Civil Service Learning, Peter Lewis, chief executive of the Crown Prosecution Service and Dawn Marriott-Sims, executive director of Workplace Services and Capitashare their tips.

Learning to Work: developing young employees for a long-term
A lot has been written about Millenials in the workplace and in the UK there is an increasing interest in apprentices. So what do organisations need to be doing to develop their younger – and possibly newer – colleagues? Find out from Elizabeth Eddy, head of skills at NHS Employers and Jane Daly, Head of L&D at M&S

L&D to Support High-performing and High-potential Employees
A new day, a new pronouncement on leadership. If this video is anything to go by we need a wholesale rethink of current leadership development spending. So, how can L&D better support leaders and high performers? Karl White, OD manager at Mercedes Benz and Amanda Whiteford, head of L&D at Tube Lines share their thinking.

Making Innovation HR’s Business
Yes folks, L&D can be a part of the innovation process. In fact, L&D can make it happen . . . you better believe it. Good to see a public sector organization talking about innovation. This is an area of interest and of research for the CIPD and in the session you can hear the CIPD’s Peter Cheese and John McGurk as well as Rob Tinlin, chief executive at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

Transition of Leaders: applying a cultural mind-shift change
Neil Morrison, group HR director, Random House is a prolific blogger and if you follow his blog you’ll also be aware of his thinking and approach to HR. He is forward thinking and in this session will be joined by his L&D manager Jo Mallia to talk about developing the leaders you have as the organisation goes through significant change.

For those of you not in the conference there are plenty of talks in the exhibition. These talks have been streamed into the Learning arena, technology for learning and topic tasters.

In particular, these sessions have caught our eye.

  • The Maze of Learning Metrics: is there a way out?
  • CIPD and the Future of L&D – working together, serving you better
  • Impact and Influence Through Storytelling
  • Mindfulness: how to scientifically improve your performance through mindfulness
  • Is Technology Making Learning More Social? Surveys and Speculations
  • Enhancing Organisational Effectiveness Using Sentiment Analysis and Mobile Technology

And finally, if you want to have a drink and discuss communities in learning then please do come along to the event tweet-up at the end of day one. We will be running a barcamp-style event with four community managers. Find out more here.


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