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Last week, we ran our fringe event for the Learning Technologies conference 2014. Entitled Learning Tech InsideOut, five conference speakers carried on conversations about their conference topics in a pub close to the conference venue.

More than 30 people attended, you can see some pictures from the event here, and the evening was a great success. Here we share interviews with the five speakers.

Mark Bradshaw, Electronic Performance Support Systems Developer, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, said performance support was concerned with supporting employees when and where they needed it, not taking someone off the task. He said that performance support is about providing the minimum support to keep people ‘on task’.  The job knows the job, he added, and L&D needs to understand roles and tasks to ensure the right support is provided at the right time.

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Ger Driesen talked about the life and work of artist Vincent van Gogh and in this interview Ger tells the story of how he came to be talking on this subject at Learning Technologies.

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David Kelly, a Training, Learning, and Performance Consultant, brought Google Glass to Learning Technologies. He said that L&D had a history of bringing old thinking to new technologies so hoped that wearable tech such as Glass would be treated differently, with a fresh approach and focus on what the software, not the hardware, could enable in learning.

Julie Dirksen, an Independent Consultant and Instructional Designer, talked about the skills mastery curve and how L&D needs to time into the learning process so employees don’t continue to end up in two-day courses as a default. Dirksen also explored the science of attention, looking at hyperbolic discounting and how the impact of a reward changes over time.

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Andrew Jacobs, Learning and Development Manager, London Borough of Lambeth, talked about disruptive innovation. In this interview, Jacobs looks at the types of reasons people give for not disrupting the status quo. He also shares how he has created a new approach to learning at Lambeth Council.

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LearnPatch would like to thank Ger Driesen and Challenge Training for sponsoring Learning Tech InsideOut, and all of our speakers for taking the time to make this event happen.


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