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There are undoubtedly many, many great books and reports for L&D professionals to read but how do you make time to read and discuss them? We think a book group that selects and reads a book once a month and then follows this with a Twitter chat to reflect and review what others think would be a useful thing to do.

So we have set up the . This is an online reading group for anyone interested in learning and development within organisations. The aim is to pick a book, or maybe a report or some research, each month that is useful for L&D.

We have set up a shared document where you can make suggestions. We can then run the Twitter chat (with your help, hopefully). We have selected the first book to read over the holidays- Bounce by Matthew Syed – and have put a date in the diary for the Twitter chat (3 September at 20.00 BST).

So, all you have to do is buy the book, read it and be prepared to reflect and discuss. If you can’t make the Twitter chat why not write a short review, or do a video or audio one? We can then share it via the hashtag.

We hope you can join us!

Access the suggestion sheet here.

And we’ll be using the hashtag #LPreads.




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