L&D Connect Unconference: the tweets, the blog posts, the thinking and more . . .


This week’s L&D Connect Unconference took place in the Skills Matter Exchange in London. Around 25 L&D professionals came together to share their thinking and ideas and to explore the idea of being bold in L&D.

Here we pull together content from the day and generated by the day. Let me know if I have missed anything as I’ll add it to this post.

Blog posts

Sukh Pabial (@sukhpabial)reflects on his experience of the day and why creating a space to play and learn does not make him and L&D rebel: I’m no rebel

David Goddin (@changecontinuum) led a lot of the unconference. Here are his reflections on the day, what the group achieved and why serendipity matters: Serendipity Rules

David wasn’t the only one to champion serendipity. In this short post, Sam Burrough (@burrough) explains why he is attending an unconference. And yes, serendipity, is a big reason: Making room for Serendipity

Jo Cook (@lightbulbjo) was talking about blended learning at the unconference but then wondered if blended learning is actually the right approach for everyone: Bold L&D – one of your five a day

Jo has also written a review of the day including lots of images, tweets and video. This is the first time Jo has been to an L&D Connect unconference so there are some interesting and useful reflections here: L&D Connect – Unconference November 2013

Stella Collins (@stellacollins) expands on a metaphor that she hit upon at the event – that L&D is like the London Underground. Stella expands her thanking here: Unblock the tracks, open up the stations – learning coming through!

Doodle of the day

Bev Holden (@stickythinker) created this great doodle of the day. This is a great pictorial representation of many of the discussions. Bev has also added some words to go with the doodle, which you can read in this post: Oops…almost forgot the fishbowl!

Curated tweets and visuals

Using Storify, I pulled together tweets from the day: Curated tweets from the L&D Connect unconference #ldcu

Participants at the L&D Connect unconference, held at the Skills Matter Exchange, London, took their own visual minutes of the day. Here are the drawings from the morning: Visual minutes from the morning at #LDCU – the L and D Connect Unconference

And here are the drawings from the afternoon: Visual minutes from the afternoon at #LDCU – the L and D Connect Unconference

Discussion points from the day

Here is a list of discussion points generated by participants for the ‘fishbowl’ discussion sessions: Hot topics for discussion at the L and D Connect Unconference

And here is a word cloud of those discussions: Word cloud of the morning topics for disccussion at #ldcu

And here is a list of the 28 discussion points suggested for the open space discussions: 28 questions for L&D


Here are some pictures I took from the day

Here is a playlist of the nine videos from the day.

[Picture credit: Sukh Pabial, drawn by Sam Burrough]


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