New evidence that ‘gamification’ does NOT work

Editor’s note: If you are looking to gamify your learning then think about the efficacy first. Research suggests it is no more effective than other methods at improvising mental performance.

The Human Capital Advantage

Editor’s note: Here’s a timeline of US companies that have developed successful people policies – starting way back in 1930. Some interesting facts and figures.

Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users… and responsibility

Editor’s note: What a milestone. Facebook now has 2 billion monthly active users. This article also features a useful chart showing the monthly user numbers for some of the other big social networks.

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

Editor’s note: This is worth 11 minutes of your time. This video looks at automation througout the ages, which provides good context for the current age of automation.

How the iPhone changed marketing forever

Editor’s note: This is great reminder of the impact the iphone has had on our lives.

Digital business transformation vs digital learning transformation: two parallel universes

Different directions

Research suggests that the #digital transformation of learning and development and the digital transformation of organisations are two different things. This is a huge concern for organisations and for L&D. According to Fosway Group, the biggest drivers for digital learning are increasing learning availability (87%), increasing agility and the speed of learning (84%), increasing learner […]

Fixing Learning & Education in 5 mins (well actually more like 8)

Editor’s note: In this short video Nick Shackleton-Jones provides a compelling approach for learning at work. The resources and experiences approach is underpinned by designing with and for the user.

A Sociology of the Smartphone

Editor’s note: This is a long and worthwhile read that explores how the mobile has changed our everyday lives.

“VR journalism should focus on storyliving, not storytelling” and other insights from Google’s new VR study

Editor’s note: There are some interesting nuggets in here for L&D folk. In particular, the way in which storytelling changes in VR – the narrative develops with you as an active participant. That is fundamentally different to storytelling as we do it now.

What’s now and next in analytics, AI, and automation

Editor’s note: This executive briefing from the McKinsey Global Institute provides a great primer in these three strands of technological evolution: analytics, AI and automation. Organisations with advanced digital capabilities grow revenue and market share faster than their peers, McKinsey research says.

Official YouTube Blog: Updates from VidCon: more users, more products, more shows and much more

Editor’s note: This short post provides some data on Youtube see numbers and usage as well as some of the updates coming to the service.

Research Uncovers C-Suite’s “Surprising” Thought Leadership Consumption Behavior

Editor’s note: Is this research counter-intuitive? It goes to show that some employee cohorts might well have differing media preferences.

Power Causes Brain Damage

Editor’s note: Power can cause us to be less empathetic. Research shows that power has an alarming impact on behaviours. they key here is to stay grounded.

Workplace gender quotas weed out incompetent men and make businesses more efficient, study finds

Editor’s note: The introduction to this article says it all: “Gender quotas increase the competence of organisations by leading to the displacement of mediocre men, a new study has found.”

Psychiatrist Offers Simple Steps for Coping With Uncertainty

Editor’s note: Some really great – and free – tips on how to reduce anxiety caused by uncertainty.