10,000 steps a day is a meaningless fitness goal, says science

Editor’s note: A reminder that what technology is encouraging us to do might not be what we need to do.

Six Strategies You May Not Be Using To Reduce Cognitive Load

Editor’s note: Some useful tips here on how to more effectively process information.

What’s Next for Learning & Technology – Resources Shared at #eLGuild

Editor’s note: David Kelly shares resources from On February 15, I had the pleasure of delivering a session on future trends in learning from the eLearning Guild’s Future of Learning Summit.

We Need to Tell Better Stories About Our AI Future

Editor’s note: This is an excellent read on why we need to reframe how we tell stories of artificial intelligence. The final line of the article makes the point well. “The stories we tell about technology direct our attention and determine our future.” Current AI storytelling around work features the machine takes the human’s job. That has to change.

The Art of Storytelling

Editor’s note: Khan Academy has teamed up with Pixar to run a course on storytelling. This looks like a great, free resource for anyone who wants to get better at telling their story.

We Are Wired To Be Outside

Editor’s note: In this interview, Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative, explains why we all need a regular dose of nature. Surely something we should take more seriously in our working routines?

Four reasons the future of brain health is digital, pervasive and bright

Editor’s note: This article shows the range and growth of ‘brain health’ initiatives. Worth keeping an eye on how these technologies develop.

Coursera’s new skill search could do for learning what Netflix did for TV

Editor’s note: Interesting to see that the former Netflix director of product innovation is now at Coursera. Even more interesting that users will be able to find content in MOOCs based on the skills they are trying to develop.

Twitter accounts really are echo chambers, study finds

Editor’s note: Maybe not overly surprising but a reminder of the role of homophily in shaping our world view.

The L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2017

885 people participated from 60 countries, casting a total of 2,364 votes for their choices of up to three of the 15 available options. The single question they were asked was:       Curated from donaldhtaylor.co.uk Donald Taylor’s L&D sentiment #research shows what L&D professionals consider to be the big #trends for the year ahead.

The question employers are wary to ask: when are you going to retire?

Editor’s note; Very interesting to see what a challenge it is for employers to talk about retirement with their employees.

2017 Edelman Trust Barometer

Editor’s note: This annual survey, now in its 17th year, shows that 60% of workers worry about losing their jobs due to lack of training and skills. Interesting findings on the role of organisations in building trust.

The End of Employees

Editor’s note: It’s happening. If organisations can’t automate it, they can outsource it to a freelancer. This is the trend that’s engulfing organisations. What will it mean for L&D? And what will it mean for learning and performance?

Coursera’s New Strategy Takes Inspiration From Netflix—and LinkedIn

Editor’s note: Interesting to see how Coursera is shifting towards a subscription based approach that appeals more to lifelong learning and skills.

The 21st annual Learning Awards winners announced

Editor’s note: Congratulations to all the winners of the Learning and Performance Institute’s Learning Awards 2017.